Professional Vs Store Bought

Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Store Bought Carpet Cleaners


If you live in the Winnipeg area, you may be contemplating either hiring a professional carpet cleaning business or buying one of the store bought carpet cleaners to work with. There is no right or wrong decision about which one to select, but you do want to carefully weigh the pros and cons to see how they fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

Time and Physical Labor Involved

The time involved when you hire a professional carpet cleaning provider in Winnipeg is very minimal. You should invest some time to review their history, credentials, and the types of service they provide before you hire anyone. Then it is just a matter of scheduling and you making sure you are happy with the outcome.

When it comes to buying a carpet cleaner in the store, you need to do your homework too. You need to find one that is designed for your types of needs. For example, if you have pets the get one that isn’t going to get clogged when it comes to pet hair in your carpets. It can take hours to clean your carpets with such a product.

Do you have that time to spend? Do you want to subject yourself to that level of physical labor? Doing it on your own can mean moving heavy objects, lots of bending to empty and refill water, and even carrying the carpet cleaning machine up and down the stairs.

High Traffic Areas

Your carpets will look very nice when you hire a professional to clean them. The problem though can be keeping them clean. This is especially true in high traffic areas of your home or business. With a store bough carpet cleaner, you can go over those high traffic areas frequently. You don’t have to do all your carpets at the same time either. You can do sections or you can focus on a particular stain.


The cost of a professional carpet cleaning service in Winnipeg will vary. Yet it is usually very reasonable when you consider all they offer. Many consumers feel like they invested in something tangible though with a carpet cleaner they buy. You do have to consider where you will store it too.


The goal with any carpet cleaning process is to get great looking results. You don’t want to have to clean your carpets frequently on your own or by hiring a professional in Winnipeg to take care of it for you. Find out what the methods will be that the professional provides and what type of guarantee you will get. With a carpet cleaner you buy, the quality of results can depend on the brand and model you purchase.

Drying Time

A common complaint with many consumers is that carpet cleaners they use on their own can keep a great deal of water in the carpets. This can mean hours for it to all dry. With a professional service, that dry time can be less than half. It depends on what methods they use though so it is a good idea to ask before you hire them.